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Cooking Timer product icon Free and simple to use kitchen timer and scheduler to cook each part of a meal so they all finish at the same time


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Writing down on paper the times each part of a meal need to start cooking ?

Keep checking the clock to see when to start cooking next part of a meal ?

Struggling to get everything to finish cooking at the same time ?

When you are cooking a meal that has numerous parts or items, each item usually has a different cooking time. But you want the whole meal to finish cooking at the same time to avoid items being overcooked, or go cold and have to be re-heated. Cooking Timer helps you with this by automatically working out when each item needs to start cooking, and then alerting you, so everything finishes cooking at the same time.

Cooking Timer is a free and simple to use app that is both a Kitchen Timer and a Cooking Timer, and lets you:
• Schedule cooking each part of a meal so everything finishes at the same time
• Get alerted when it is time to start cooking the next part of a meal
• Use it as a simple kitchen timer for single items
• Adjust the cooking time by advancing, retarding, and pausing the timer
• Create and save meals for all your favourite recipes

Use your device for other things while the app is running in the background.

Not just for cooking, can be used to time and schedule anything that has multiple steps that need to all complete at the same time.

Kitchen timer

Create single one-shot timers for things like boiling an egg, cooking pasta.

Save timers as meals with one item so you can quickly pick and run them.

Start the timer and get alerted when the timer completes.

Cooking scheduler

Simply create a meal adding each of the cooking steps with their individual cooking time, and optionally set a start after (delay) and finish before (resting) time.

Then start cooking and all the steps are automatically ordered and listed by when they need to start so they all will finish together.

Get notified when a step is due to start by a flashing arrow next to the item and an alert is sounded.

Optionally pause the cooking timer when the next item due to start.

Pause and resume the cooking timer - useful if you get delayed or distracted.

Advance and retard the cooking times - useful if you miss the start time of an item or just need to allow more cooking time.

Show the cooking timer and each item's start time as a clock (24 or 12hr) or as a counter.


Example screens:

Cooking Timer - meal cooking scheduler and organiser