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Go Shopping product icon Organize all your shopping lists on your devices - no more fiddly bits of paper


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Go Shopping
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- Writing out your lists by hand ?
- Want to order list items by your route around a shop ?
- Guessing the cost of your shopping list ?
- Can't easily share your lists with others ?

With Go Shopping you can manage all your shopping and grocery lists on your device.

Simple to use:
1. Create a list
2. Add your items
3. Go shopping

For more advanced users, create shops and categories and assign to items to filter and order your lists.

✓ Create multiple lists
✓ Order list items by your route around the shop
✓ Mark off items as you shop
✓ Filter items for the shop you are in
✓ Give items prices, see total list cost
✓ Predictive matching and auto-complete when adding items
✓ Create recipes for collections of items
✓ Colour-code shops and categories
✓ Share lists between devices and with others

Much more than just a simple to-do list. Designed for shopping lists, and easy to use with an elegant design.

Go Shopping is completely free to use, without restriction or limitation. In-app purchases allow ads to be removed.

Built-in tutorial and help pages guide you through how to use the app.

Create multiple lists, such as weekly and monthly shop. Organize your lists into shops, or a single list with multiple shops, or any combination of these - however you want them arranged to suit how you shop and do your lists.

Create recipes for groups or collections of items you regularly buy. Then you can simply copy them into your shopping list when you are ready to buy.

Copy and append lists - useful if you don't buy everything and you can easily copy un-bought items onto your next list.

Manage your lists on one device, such as a tablet for example, and transfer lists to another such as your phone to go shopping with; or share with someone else if they are doing your shopping for you. Then import it back in to pick up any un-bought items.

Add items to lists with shop, category, quantity, notes, and mark as "must buy".

Assign prices to each item, including for different shops. See the total cost of all items on a list. Changing prices automatically updates the price of the same item in all lists.

Auto-complete and predictive matching when you add new items. It will match up the same or similar items you have previously bought as you type, and automatically select the same shop, category and price of when you last added the item to a list.

When you've been shopping, simply update any item price changes and the app will remember the next time you add those items.

When you go shopping mark off items as you buy them, or mark them as 'not found' or 'part bought' so you'll know to buy these again.

Filter shopping lists to only show the shop you are currently in. Automatically order your list for the route you take around the shop, or you can change to a different ordering such as by list or alphabetical.

Change shop for an item if you can't find it in the shop you are in. Lock the screen while you are in the shop to avoid unwanted clicks and having to lock the device itself.

Shops & Categories
Create shops for where you buy your shopping.

Create categories for such things as aisles, departments, type of item.

Assign categories to shops and order the categories to match the route you take around each shop.

Colour-code shops and categories to make them more visible and clearer grouping.


Example screens:

Go Shopping - shopping and grocery list organizer for your device Go Shopping - shopping and grocery list organizer for your device Go Shopping - shopping and grocery list organizer for your device Go Shopping - shopping and grocery list organizer for your device