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Multi Timer

Multi Timer product icon Free and simple to use app for your device to run multiple stopwatch and countdown timers simultaneously on your device


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Start as many timers as you want, either individually or by selecting a saved plan.

Set and adjust the time of each timer or select from a preset. Set timers to run for between 1 and 999 minutes. Edit timers and assign them names.

Create a timer to run as either a countdown timer from a set time, or a stopwatch timer to count up from 0 minutes.

Create presets for each of your regular activities or timing needs.

Create timer plans for groups or collections of timers, for example:
- meal cooking plan and you have a timer per item being cooked.
- exercise workout plan and you have a timer for each separate exercise.

Choose to view a single timer on the screen, or view many at once. Ideal if you are casting your device display to a large screen.

Easily see the countdown of running timers - whole minutes remaining and part minutes shown as a partial coloured circle around the timer.

Optionally set timers to auto-repeat, either one time or continually. Configure whether a timer repeats on expiry or when acknowledged.

Choose how the timers are displayed - either normal digits or LCD.

Customize the colours used to indicate when timers are running as a stopwatch, countdown and when they have expired.

Perform actions on single or multiple selected timers - such as start, stop and delete.

Easily adjust timers while they are running.

Get notified when timers expire - visually they flash on the screen and you are alerted with a notification sound.

Choose a notification sound from those installed on your device.

Get a notification on your device lock screen or notification bar when a timer expires and you are using another app, or have locked the screen.

Enable app to run using dark mode colour scheme, for preference or to conserve battery power.

Any timers will be saved if the app is killed off unexpectedly; or if you exit the app, and it will reinstate them and catch back up when the app is run again.


Example screens:

Multi Timer - Run multiple timers simultaneously