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Struggling for free space on your device's internal storage ?

Frustrated with Play Store updates moving your apps back onto internal storage ?

Can't find out easily which apps are on internal storage or SD card, or what cache and data storage apps are using that could be freed ?

Store Manager allows you to easily see what apps are taking up valuable space on your internal storage and quickly navigate to the Android settings screen for a selected app to make any changes and free up space - such as clear cache, move to SD card, clear data, uninstall.

No need to root your device, unlike other similar apps - this takes you to the built-in Android settings screen to make app storage changes.

Designed for tablets and phones.

All your installed apps are listed showing:

Includes a number of apps filter views to make it easy to see which apps are using what storage:

Plus a number of special apps filter views:

Optionally include system apps in the list, change default apps filter view shown on startup and set cache view threshold.

Built-in tutorial and help pages.


Example screens:

Store Manager - free up your apps internal storage